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Aldo Engineers House Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of MCC  Panel manufacturer in India.
Motor control center panel, controls various pumps installed at a site.
We are MCC panel manufacturer providing MCC panel of all operational current capacities.
MCC panel are widely used for distribution of power to various loads located at various parts of any plant. Motor control centers basically contains various starters in its assembly. The name includes Star delta, soft starters, variable frequency drives (VFD), direct online, autotransformer and others.
As a MCC panel dealer our prime focus is to deliver quality in each of our  MCC panel manufacturing, these panel can be equipped with feeder circuit breaker, VFD, and designed to make compatible with PLC. We manufacture MCC control panel with high quality components and latest technologies which always in accordance to the industrial standards.


Salient features of our MCC panel:


  • Safety and protection for smooth fault free operation.
  • Perfectly compatible with the automation system.
  • We offer switchboards in fixed and draw-out configuration.
  • Sturdy structure with durable performance.
  • Over loading protection.
  • Its performance is high with very low maintenance.
  • Energy efficient and easy to operate.
  • We offer MCC panel for all kind of operational current capacities.
  • Available in single front and double front design.



MCC (Motor Control Center) Control Panel



Aldo Engineers House Pvt Ltd. Is india No .1 MCC panel manufacturer and supplier in Delhi NCR. MCC control panel stands for motor control center control panel. It consists of feeders for motors and blowers. Feeders are designed according to the motor rating. In most of the MCCs, auto/manual provision will be there. With manual provision motors can be operated manually. In auto provision external signal is required to start the motor. The signal is given by the control panel. Indicators for the motor operation also will be present in control panel. It is an assembly to control some or all electric motor in a central location.


It consists of common power bus, each section of power bus containing combination of starter that consists motor starter, circuit breaker and power disconnect. MCC Panels are used in large commercial or industrial building (Hospitals, Real States, Power Plant, and Industries Etc.) Where there are many electric motors that need to be controlled at central location. Motor control centers are usually used for low voltage three phase ac motors from 208V to 600V and for medium voltage MCC Panels are made for large motors running at 2300V to 15000V, using vacuum contactors for switching.


MCC Panels are used in Industries where very dusty and corrosive processed are used, the mcc panels may be installed in a separate air conditioned room. Motor control centers are usually sits on floors, which are often required to have a fire-resistance rating. Fire stops may be required for cables that penetrate fire-rated floor and walls.


Aldo Engineers House Pvt Ltd. Manufacturer, Wholesale, Supply and Deal in MCC Panels in Delhi NCR. Our Price is always nominal according to market price, shock free control panel and fire resistance control panels are our main strength in Electric control Panel. For more enquiries visit our website aldoengineers.com or call us at 7303620736.