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Fire Fighting Panel Manufacturers

Fire Fighting Panel System Dealer


Aldo Engineers House Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading fire fighting panel manufacturer in India. We offers a wide range of Fire fighting control panel which controls the fire fighting system.
When we talk about protection from fire, we can’t afford risk. And that is why as a Fire fighting panel manufacturer our focus is to deliver the system which is safe and reliable for our client’s building.


Industries to which our services are offered:


Fire fighting panel manufacturer for Hotel Industries.
Fire fighting system for commercial building.
Fire fighting control panel manufacturer for housing societies.
Fire fighting panel system dealer for hostpitals.


Silient Features of Fire Fighting Panel:


  • Safe and reliable.
  • Sturdy structure with durable performance.
  • High degree of protection.
  • High performance with low maintenance cost.
  • Its operation is easy.

              1.  Auto-Off-Manual Selection Mode.
              2.  Controlled by pressure switch signal.
              3.  Audible & Visible Alarm Functions.