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RO (Reverse Osmosis) plant control Panel Manufacturer

RO panel supplier 


Aldo Engineers House Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of RO Plant Panel manufacturers in India.
RO control panel, controls various RO  installed at a site. We are RO Control panel manufacturers providing RO panels of all operational current capacities.
RO panel are widely used for distribution of power to various loads located at various parts of any plant. Reverse Osmosis panel basically contains various starters in its assembly.
As a RO panel dealer our prime focus is to deliver quality in each of our RO panel manufacturing, these panel with high quality components and latest technologies which always in accordance to the industrial standards.


Salient features of our RO panel:


  • RO panels are ideally suited for small and medium sized RO plants
  • Complete operating logic of the process is pre programmed
  • Inputs from LPS, HPS and Level Switch (LS)
  • Four outputs in the correct operating sequence namely Raw water pumps (RWP), High pressure pumps (HPP) Flushing solenoid valves (RL2) and Transfer Pumps (TP), Cleaning Pumps (CP)/Doser
  • The electronics take care of required motor protection such as overload, dry running, single phasing and high conductivities.
  • DE bounce time (In built debounce time to avoid chattering of high pressure pump contactor due to initial dipping in suction pressure)
  • Time based flushing
  • New improved RO control panels with additional features.