VFD (Variable Frequencies Drive) panel manufacturers

VFD panel suppliers


Aldo Engineers House Pvt Ltd is one of the leading VFD control panel manufacturers in India.
Our VFD control panels are the perfect solution to control the speed of motor and pumps. We offers VFD panel for various industrial and commercial uses. The advantage of our VFD panel is that it is great energy saver and user friendly HMI control interface. We VFD panel manufactures using high grade components and raw materials in order to exceptionally improve its working life.


Salient Features of VFD panel:


  • This panel has high out performance at low maintenance cost.
  • It has high degree of thermal resistance.
  • Its energy saving efficiency is great.
  • It is sturdy in construction having long operational life.
  • It has a very user friendly interface and monitoring system.



PCC (Power Control Centre) Panel manufacturers

PCC Panel suppliers


Aldo Engineers House Pvt Ltd is one of the leading PCC panel manufacturers in India.
A PCC Panel work is to receive and supplies high tension power. We offer our services to clients from various industries and we always strive to deliver the best optimum quality PCC panel which functions properly and safe for the various building loads. As PCC control panel manufacturers/dealer we always prefer high grade components and raw material to ensure the reliability and high performance of the PCC panel.  We are eager to support our clients for PCC panel right from concept to its final commissioning. Available in single front and double front design.


Salient Features Of PCC Panel


  • Built with various safety and protection features.
  • Sturdy construction increases its life.
  • High durability and performance of the entire system.
  • Comparatively low maintenance cost.
  • LED indication to simplify the operation.
  • Electric insulation
  • Capable for operation in high ambient temperature.
  • In built load scheduling system.



Electrical control panel AMC

Electrical and Control Panel AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)


We provide AMC for any kind of electrical and electronics panel based on any logic.
Electrical panel and control panel systems have never designed or intended to last perpetually energized. All electrical panel and control panel systems will experience some type of electrical power interruption, whether it will be for scheduled maintenance or unscheduled downtime due to an electrical fault or inoperative equipment.

A lack of routine cleaning, maintenance and equipment testing will greatly accelerate the chance of unscheduled power outages or inoperative electrical equipment. In addition, electrical workers are much more likely to injure during emergency repairs than while performing routine preventative maintenance.


Electrical control panel annual maintenance contract includes:-


  • Our technical teams are capable to troubleshoot any kind of fault that could be possibly happened to electrical panels.
  • We don’t let our clients suffering from time delay loss, so we short out the issues related to electrical panel and automation work in possible shortest time.




MS Vessels Manufacturer

MS Vessels Manufacturer and Supplier

Aldo Engineers House Pvt. Ltd is specialized in the field of designing and manufacturing a quality-assured range of MS Vessels. These are skillfully designed and developed using finest quality components and in accordance with international industrial standards. Each chamber of these vessels is capable to withstand super atmospheric pressure.

Heavy duty

Long life

Rust proof

Dimensionally accurate


Optimum strength