APFC Panel Manufacturer

Automatic Power Factor correction panel manufacturers and Supplier


Aldo Engineers House Pvt Ltd is one of the leading APFC control panel manufacturers in India.
These panels are the solution for improvement of the power factor.
APFC panels are widely use in actualizing zero voltage switching of the capacitors. Switching transient is removed by using these panels. It also sense the load current and calculate the power factor load of the system.


Silent Features Of APFC panel:

  • Its soft relay operation of the capacitor assembly helps for smooth power factor.
  • It has stage to stage capacitor intervals of boosting & reconnection.
  • It is designed to avoid the unnecessary sound other disturbances.
  • LED indicators for simplification and understanding of the operation.
  • Good quality of cooper wiring for power and control wirings.
  • High quality of capacitor bank to give flawless operation.
  • Can be operated even in high temperature environment.
  • Safety and protection measures have been taken in it.


Application: High rise buildings, manufacturing industries, processing industries, hotel, hospitals and others.