RO (Reverse Osmosis) plant control Panel Manufacturer

RO panel supplier 


Aldo Engineers House Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of RO Plant Panel manufacturers in India.
RO control panel, controls various RO  installed at a site. We are RO Control panel manufacturers providing RO panels of all operational current capacities.
RO panel are widely used for distribution of power to various loads located at various parts of any plant. Reverse Osmosis panel basically contains various starters in its assembly.
As a RO panel dealer our prime focus is to deliver quality in each of our RO panel manufacturing, these panel with high quality components and latest technologies which always in accordance to the industrial standards.


Salient features of our RO panel:


  • RO panels are ideally suited for small and medium sized RO plants
  • Complete operating logic of the process is pre programmed
  • Inputs from LPS, HPS and Level Switch (LS)
  • Four outputs in the correct operating sequence namely Raw water pumps (RWP), High pressure pumps (HPP) Flushing solenoid valves (RL2) and Transfer Pumps (TP), Cleaning Pumps (CP)/Doser
  • The electronics take care of required motor protection such as overload, dry running, single phasing and high conductivities.
  • DE bounce time (In built debounce time to avoid chattering of high pressure pump contactor due to initial dipping in suction pressure)
  • Time based flushing
  • New improved RO control panels with additional features.



STP control panel manufacturers

STP Panel dealers/suppliers


Aldo Engineers House Pvt Ltd is one of the leading STP panel manufacturers in India.
These panels efficiently controls the various pumps and motor installed at different location at STP site
We are offer customized panel for STP, where our technical team specifically works as per the client’s requirement from basic concept of the panel to its final commissioning.  As a STP panel manufacturer, we have expertise in providing the right customized panel which will efficiently fulfills the client’s requirement.


Salient Features of STP panel


  • Very user friendly interface for operators.
  • Built-in safety and protection features.
  • High performance with low maintenance cost.
  • LED indicators to simplify operational understanding.
  • It is sturdy in construction and it has long service life.



HPN Control panel manufacturers

HPN control panel suppliers


Aldo Engineers House Pvt Ltd is one of the leading HPN panel manufacturers in India.
The HPN control panel operates the motors as per set line pressure. Being adept hydro pneumatic booster system panel manufacturers we properly engineered these panels and use high grade quality of components and raw materials. Our highly experienced technical team tests these HPN panels on several testing parameters before its final installation, in order to assure the proper function of the system.


Salient Features of Hydro pneumatic system control panel:


  • Pumps and motors protection against overloading, single phasing, reverse phasing and dry run.
  • Automatic operation with high accuracy and reliability.
  • These panels have in-built starters.
  • Display screen for reviewing faults and various operational parameters.
  • Comfortable on operation for pressure switch condition.
  • Alternating/simultaneous operation system mechanism for various pumps.
  • Provision for auto and manual modes of operation.



PLC Control Panel manufacturers

PLC Automation control panel suppliers:


Aldo Engineers House Pvt Ltd is one of the leading PLC automation control panel manufacturers in India.
Our PLC automation panel is an important and efficient kind of control panels, which find it operation in variety of electronics and electrical circuit fittings. These panels are widely used for controlling torque and motion and are widely used in various industrial applications. As PLC panel manufacturers, we always strive to give the system which is well designed, reliable and matches our client’s requirement to give them a good experience of smooth functioning of the system.


Salient Features of PLC control panel:


  • This panel gives high output with energy efficiency and requires less maintenance.
  • Well programmed software for remote communication of the paenl.
  • HMI/MMI gives ease to control various operation of the plant to the operator with the display.
  • Rust and mild impact resistance.
  • Properly tested with our highly experienced engineers before its installation at site.



Bus Duct and Rising Mains manufacturers

Bus Duct and Rising Mains Dealers:


Aldo Engineers House Pvt Ltd is one of the leading bus ducts and rising mains manufacturers in India.
Our bus ducts are an effective solution to efficiently supply the electricity in various industries. We use high grade cooper and aluminum for the conductor of Bus ducting system which is insulated and enclosed in order to protect it against mechanical damages. It not only mechanical damage protected but also dust and vermin resistant.  As bus duct manufacturers, our aim is to give you long lasting system for supplying electricity with high performance.


Rising mains manufacturers:


We are rising mains manufacturers providing our services in PAN India.
Our rising mains are perfect solution to efficiently distribute electricity
in high rise buildings, hotel hospitals and industries.



APFC Panel Manufacturer

Automatic Power Factor correction panel manufacturers and Supplier


Aldo Engineers House Pvt Ltd is one of the leading APFC control panel manufacturers in India.
These panels are the solution for improvement of the power factor.
APFC panels are widely use in actualizing zero voltage switching of the capacitors. Switching transient is removed by using these panels. It also sense the load current and calculate the power factor load of the system.


Silent Features Of APFC panel:

  • Its soft relay operation of the capacitor assembly helps for smooth power factor.
  • It has stage to stage capacitor intervals of boosting & reconnection.
  • It is designed to avoid the unnecessary sound other disturbances.
  • LED indicators for simplification and understanding of the operation.
  • Good quality of cooper wiring for power and control wirings.
  • High quality of capacitor bank to give flawless operation.
  • Can be operated even in high temperature environment.
  • Safety and protection measures have been taken in it.


Application: High rise buildings, manufacturing industries, processing industries, hotel, hospitals and others.



DG Synchronizing Panels

DG synchronizing Panels Supplier


Aldo Engineers House Pvt Ltd is one of the leading DG synchronizing panel manufacturers in India.
Here in this panel one DG set is synchronized with two or more DG sets in case of failure of mains.
We as DG synchronizing control panel manufacturers offers our client various customized design and
engineered panels as per their requirement. In the process of manufacturing we use high grade quality
of raw materials and components to ensure the safety and durability of the product.


Silent Feature of DG synchronizing panel:


  • High performance at comparatively low maintenance cost
  • Panel box is sturdy in construction
  • Various safety measures have been taken in its manufacturing.
  • It has high degree of durability
  • For simplification of understanding and operation, LED indicators are provided.



Control and relay panel (CRP) manufacturers

Control and relay panel suppliers


Aldo Engineers House Pvt Ltd is one of the leading control and relay panel manufacturers in India.
CRP panel are basically used to run the system as per control philosophies and protects the electrical system. As control and relay panel manufacturers, we use analog and digital relay of renowned brands, the raw material and components we use are of supreme quality to give long lasting operational life. We offer support to our esteemed customer from the conceptualization  of relay panel to its final commissioning.


Salient Features of Control and Relay Panel:


  • High performance at low maintenance cost
  • Its construction is robust.
  • These panels are highly reliable and safe.
  • Various LED indicators for operational.